Environmental Surface Cleaning Expert
Bruce Vance
Cleaning Business Development Expert
Debbie Sardone
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HCT is a special 2 day virtual training and information event with Subject Matter Expert, Bruce Vance. Bruce is one of the world’s leading experts in Environmental Surface Cleaning for Homes and Offices. Co-hosted with Cleaning Business Development Expert, Debbie Sardone, HCT is the go-to event for professional cleaners to obtain practical knowledge and best practices for cleaning and sanitizing in today’s - and tomorrow’s - new normal.

About HCT

The House Cleaning Technician (HCT) training and certification program is a comprehensive overview of best practices in cleaning. This course is designed specifically for the HCT who wants to meet the expectations of this more educated marketplace of homeowners. Those who complete this course and pass the certification examination will be certified professionals who understand the value and methodology of proper cleaning.

The material presented in this course has been researched and peer reviewed; it presents the cleaning industry’s best practices. HCT Certification classes must be taught by IICRC-approved instructors and through an IICRC-approved school, such as ISE – the Institute for Service Excellence. It is this third party validation through IICRC that ARCSI believes will make House Cleaning Technician certification a “must have” for those cleaning companies who want to be viewed as the industry’s leading professionals in the future. ARCSI will utilize IICRC-approved schools and instructors to present the classes. The HCT course takes approximately 14 hours over the course of two (2) days to deliver. An opportunity to take the HCT Certification Examination immediately follows the conclusion of the instruction; an additional payment of $65 to IICRC/CleanTrust must be made at the time the technician attends to take the certification examination.

An Important Distinction: Certification versus Training
The HCT Certification validates an individual’s body of knowledge regarding the proper and safe removal of soil (cleaning), sanitizing, and disinfecting. These outcomes can be effectively accomplished through a variety of techniques, cleaning procedures, and solo/team cleaning models. The certification course makes no recommendations of procedures or products and will not interfere with your existing cleaning procedure or technician model, though it may inform revisions toward greater effectiveness, improved productivity, and even increased revenue.

The Development of a Professional Certification for House/Residential Cleaning
In 2007, at the urging of Past President David Kiser of Champagne Services, ARCSI began to explore the process of developing an industry-wide certification for the residential cleaning technician in conjunction with IICRC, the industry’s leading technical certification organization which also verifies certifications for the carpet cleaning industry, water damage and remediation, and others. In 2009, IICRC approved the House Cleaning Technician certification concept, for which the Institute for Service Excellence then developed the first curriculum and manual which was approved by IICRC.

What is Covered in the Two Day Class?

Day 1
The Role of a Certified House Cleaning Technician

  • Your Legal Obligation to “Care, Custody, and Control”
  • Definition of “Cleaning” and “Clean”
  • Impact and dangers of soil and contaminants

The Science of Cleaning

  • Chemistry of Cleaning, pH scale, Solvents, Sanitizers

Materials and Surfaces

  • Stone, wood, clay tile, vinyl, carpet, concrete, glass, stainless, and more

Contents and Furnishings

  • Caring for soft goods and textiles, window treatments and rugs, furniture finishes, appliances, electronics, collectibles

Day 2
Methods and Productivity

  • Value of time, motion and ergonomics
  • The right tools, organization and systems
  • SOP’s and checking your work

Tools and Equipment

  • From aprons, brushes, scrapers and vacuums
  • Pumice stone to spray bottles
  • What’s in your caddy?


  • Slip/fall hazards, ergonomics, ladder and electricals
  • Blood-borne pathogens, volatile chemicals, MSDS


  • Microbes and pathogens
  • Hygienic cleaning, breaking the chain of infection and hand-washing


  • How appearance affects performance
  • Organizational skills for success
  • ​How appearance determines value


  • What is the environment?
  • How does it affect us?
  • ​Who regulates?
  • ​Who is responsible?
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