I just Learned Most Cleaning Business Owners Make less than $40,000 a Year!

Is That What You Can Expect For...

Hard Physical Work
Long Hours, Nights and Weekends 
Difficult Customers Who Want To Pay Less 
High Drama Employees Who Don't Show Up 

Don't You Deserve More? 

 for Your Family 
for Your Future
 for Your Dreams

What if I could show you...
How To Create A Million Dollar

Residential Cleaning Business? 

...And Remove The Every Day Issues That Make Your Cleaning Business Feel Like A Burden?

Not knowing where to start
Not knowing what steps to take next
Not having a team you can count on
Not getting any good paying customers
Not having any systems and processes in place 

Did You Think Owning Your Own Business Would be Fun...

And It's Not? 

You are not alone! 

 It's time to drop the ball-and-chain of business, and take action on your NEXT best steps to creating a $1M cleaning company. I have helped 100's of business owners turn their brand new or struggling cleaning service into a growing, thriving, self-running success!

  • ​Stuck - Do you feel overwhelmed by what to do next?
  • ​​Stalled - Has your business hit a plateau?
  • Still Cleaning - Are you still doing the cleaning instead of being the boss?
  • ​Exhausted - Do you work more hours than you want? Do you have no time for family and friends?
  • ​Frustrated - Do you feel alone and afraid? 

What if you could SOLVE these issues?

If you could find solutions to these issues and get on a proven path to $1M
would you pull the trigger today?
Change your Business! Change Your Life!


March 12-13-14, 2020 

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Grow beyond your imagination!
Create A 7-figure business with the freedom you deserve!

Just like you, I too struggled in the beginning.

I started cleaning more than 35 years ago and I did well. My customers loved me and I couldn't believe that people would pay $5 an hour to have their homes cleaned! 

Eight years later, I had more customers than I could handle and I knew that I was ready to build a business and hire employees. It was time for me to go from cleaner to owner. 

It was a tough transition. It felt like everything that was easy when it was just me was now hard, full of drama and chaos -- hiring, training, bidding, winning and retaining. My business started to feel more like a burden than an asset, and my dream of running my own cleaning company was falling away. I remember telling my husband that I thought I was going to have to close my doors.

Then I made the best decision of my life and saved my failing business. 

I Got Help!

This is me with one of our customers of Cleaning for a Reason, a non-profit that cleans the homes of women undergoing treatment for cancer. I started this organization after reaching success with my business. With the money and the freedom my successful house cleaning company provides, I now can do things I am passionate about.

I now earn multiple 7-figures a year.

Start a Maid Service Business

Debbie Sardone Is 'The Maid Coach'.

Debbie has helped Hundreds of cleaning companies find financial success and freedom from cleaning every day.
Learn what you need to know about creating a $1M Cleaning business.
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